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When I raise a new topic I always check the 'Notify me of replies'. Fairly obvious, I suppose, as I don't log in every day. Which is great.


However, on several topics I've raised, the subject matter being discussed does occasionally tend to drift off the main thread. Sometimes interestingly, sometimes not.


It would be a nice addition if you could uncheck the 'Notify me of replies' when the latter happens. No big deal, just a thought ...

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just click the "follow"-box in the upper right. I admit, that this one is not easy to be recognised as a button, but it has some power...




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Ah, I now see!

This seems to be on all content rather than just a specific topic raised. But I see in the specific topic the above drop-down window has a 'Unfollow' button, which I'm thinking does the job.


Thanks for pointing this out.

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