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Sharing a file

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I've got trouble sharing a file which is local to my app now. Code previously worked before migrating to 10.4.1 and moving the file to the

app local directory to make it Android 10+ compatible.


Before showing the code I'd like to know if the following path I see in the Android logcat log is correct or who it would need to look like:


04-07 12:10:09.190: I/ActivityTaskManager(1352): START u0 {act=android.intent.action.SEND dat=content://com.mycompany.MyApp.fileprovider/root/data/data/com.mycompany.MyApp/files/1.dat typ=*/* flg=0x1 cmp=android/com.android.internal.app.ResolverActivity} from uid 10269


I have the suspicion that this one is a concatenation of two things and thus wrong:



When trying to share it with GMail I do get an empty mail composer screen, but no attachment.




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