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Jaime Florian

Error 87: Could not open Dll "python38.dll"

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I have been developing a Windows desktop application using Delphi 10.3 and Python4Delphi. I have a python 3.8 embeddable version in a subfolder called "python" inside of the Release folder of my app, I used to be able to load the python dll from there setting the DllPath and SetPythonHome properties to "python". I recently moved to a new computer and reinstalled Delphi and the Python4Delphi latest version, and now I'm being thrown the error "Error 87: Could not open Dll "python38.dll"" with the same project. Using the full windows path from the folder "C:\...\python" works, so maybe something has changed when it comes to loading python from a subfolder? I hope this can be fixed.



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The DLLPath was always meant to be the full path to the DLL.  If it worked it was by accident rather than by design.


Why don't you just use:

PythonEngine.DllPath  := TPath.Combine(ExtractFilePath(Application.ExeName), 'Python')  


in the OnBeforeLoad event for instance?

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