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Display a form created in Fmx ANDROID Many time

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I Have an issue with fmx android when run app it display a form Created in the first click But not in the second click  ,  It work perfectly in Windows but not in android


I use VertScrollBox as parent

this is my code


 f: TForm3;
  f :=  TForm3.Create(self);
  f.Layout1.Align := TAlignLayout.Top;
  f.TXTID.Text := ID;


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Posted (edited)

Its a little unclear to me what you want achieve.


If you want showing/hiding the form, then you should create the form ONCE and Show/Hide it.

From your text it seems that you Create, but never free the Form.

So maybe that is the issue, multiple creation of the same form ?


In your code you put fields to another object, (AddObject), that could cause a lot of issues and sideeffects too.

Maybe you can show us the full code of what you are doing.

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Posted (edited)

Thank you I resolve it ,Scrolbar not showing in android that all ,thank you





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