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Modified property in vcl Xe builder

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I need to check if a file is modified. In Rad studio 10.2 there is "Modified" property in TMemnIniFile. This property is not there in Xe buidler.

Do we have any similar property in Xe Builder

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32 minutes ago, Viji said:

need to check if a file is modified

Which kind of file? For which purpose?

You can consider using FindFirstChangeNotification to get notified when the file changes.



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File type used is TMemIniFile, "Modified" property is not available for C++ Xe builder.  Is there some similar property or function to check if a TMemIniFile is modified in C++ Xe Builder?


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You want to check if the modification has been done using TMemIniFile properties or methods, or do you want to check for modification done outside of your application, for example when someone change the associated file using NotePad.

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You have to explicitly update an TMemIniFile file that you made changes to. So that flag is an internal function of the TMemIniFile class and tells if the "file" has been modified in memory. It will not say anything on what is happening with an actual file. I just do UpdateFile before closing or .Free'ing so i never need to check that property.


That said, what is you scenario that you need it, @Viji?


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