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Where to put component libraries.

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In the past I've put my components at P:/Repository which is a network drive but that doesn't work well if I take the laptop away from the network.  I now want to install the PXL library.  Here's a bit from the readme file.



          Platform eXtended Library v1.1.0, dated 9-Dec-2017.
             Copyright (c) 2000 - 2017  Yuriy Kotsarenko


This product requires either Embarcadero Delphi XE 8 (or any later version) or
FreePascal 3.0 with Lazarus 1.4 (or any later versions).

When used with Embarcadero Delphi, the following platforms are supported:

1) Windows 32 and 64-bit
2) Mac OS X
3) Android
4) iOS 32 and 64-bit

Installation is quite straightforward, you just need to add full path to
"Source" folder in IDE's "library path" for each of the platforms. Please visit
our web site for additional installation instructions.


The question is where is a good place within both the WIN-10 and WIN-7 OS world to put component source folders instead of a network drive?  The MyDocuments folder tends to have the user name associated with it.  If the RAD Studio is updated the locations change from 18.0 to 19.0 to 20.0.  Seems silly to keep moving source code






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I always put libraries into their own Subversion repository and add that as an "external" to the project repositories. This results in the libraries to be checked out into a subdirectory of the project sources. I never add the library sources to any global search paths in the IDE, but only to the respective search paths of the project. And there never as absolute but only relative paths.


E.g. if my project goes to

D :\source\myproject

the project sources (including the .dpr file) go to the subdirectory src

D :\source\myproject\src

the libraries go to the subdirectory libs


The search path then includes



I think I blogged about this a long time ago. I'll add the link if I can find it.


Found it:



(Took me longer because it was in my old blog.)

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At work, we have two Git Repositories.


One for the components and one for our actual application.

Our build environment takes care of syncing both to the correct branch (with a fallback to just develop for the component repository).


The result is that every developer has a local working directory for the components with prebuild binaries to minimize the buildtimes.

In theory, every develop could have a different location for it, in practice we have it below a folder in %PUBLIC% (example C:\Users\Public\Documents\SomeFolder\Comps).

Our git server (we use Gitlab) notifies everyone for any change in the component repository, keeping errors due to mismatching components down to a minimum.


So back to your question:

Put it anywhere you want as long as its a local copy and you have a "global" copy, preferable in your version control of your choice.

%PUBLIC% is user independant place, but every other folder is also fine.

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What I have is a directory with the name DCU.

Once the components compiled all dcu goes to that directory so I have

ONLY ONE GLOBAL DIRECTORY LINK. (in the tools>options)

Rarely do I need any source.

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