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Alexander Sviridenkov

ANN: HTML Library 4.4 released

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What's new:

1. Flex support. Supported properties:

display: flex
2. CSS letter-spacing support for FMX/Windows canvas.
3. FontAwesome is upgraded to version 5.6.
4. CSS only-of-type pseudoclass sypport.
5. CSS clip-path support.
6. CSS break-after support.
7. Custom fonts support for FMX canvas (Windows and Linux).
8. Faster shadows in DX and FMX canvaces.
9. Faster text rendering on FMX/Windows canvas.
10. Smooth scolling of FMX Panel/Editor.
11. New global canvas class selector: HtUIDefaultCanvasClass: used by UI controls (Checkbox, Radio, Button, Listbox, etc.). By default is set to GDI.
12. HTML rendering (THtDocument.Draw) can now be used in threads. Use second parameter in constructor.
13. Added workaround for bug in VMWare v.16 which leads to blue screen when using DX canvas.
14. Faster rendering on DX canvas.
15. FMX.HtPanel.ScreenshotMode property for faster UI transitions.
16. Improved text rendering on GDI canvas.
17. HtMetafile class for all platforms with ability to save/load from stream/file.
18. Support for WOFF fonts (when using Office library).
What is HTML Library: the only 100% native and cross-platform (all FMX platforms) HTML/CSS/SVG/MathML rendering library for all Delphi versions (5 - 10.4) and Lazarus. WYSIWYG HTML Editor with embedded toolbars, spellchecking and DOCX/RTF import / PDF export, powerful reporting engine with embedded SVG charts and QR codes, visual Math Equation editor, FastReport and ReportBuilder integration, Pascal scripting engine with debugger, SQL transformation/validation/translation and DB schema framework, Email sending/receiving framework and much more.
Library is used by thousands of Delphi developers on all Delphi versions (from 5) and platforms.
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Posted (edited)

Amazingly great work, as always!

Do you have a list of 'CSS not supported by HCL'? Thanks!

Edited by Edwin Yip

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