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GExperts and older / unpatched Delphi IDEs

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GExperts is always compiled with the latest update of any of the supported Delphi versions. That unfortunately means that it may not work if the IDE hasn’t been updated to the latest version. E.g. The latest GExperts release will not work with Delphi 10.2, but only with Delphi 10.2.3, the latest update to Delphi 10.2. This is due to changes in the runtime packages that are not always backward compatible.


Until a few years ago, this was no problem because when you bought Delphi you were automatically entitled to receive all updates for this version. E.g. if you bought Delphi 2007 you could download all updates for it and GExperts would simply work for you.


This changed when Embarcadero tried to force all their customers to buy a maintenance subscription.


Read on in the blog post.

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