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PDF Features, Optimizations and High DPI Enhancements in ImageEn Imaging Library v10.0.1

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ImageEn v10.0.1 has now been released. This update is free if you purchased a license or extension after 15 May 2020. You can access the download from:


Other users can extend their registration for 12 months at:


More info on ImageEn and a free trial is available at:


Top Ten Enhancements

1. PDF Viewer supports an "All Pages" view
2. Find Text can search the entire PDF document and scroll located text into view

3. TImageEnMView uses on demand loading with large PDF documents for much faster performance

4. Further high DPI improvements, including scaling of the ImageEn Open/Save dialogs and better support for multiple monitors

5. Global methods to add, merge and delete pages from PDF files

6. Many other PDF enhancements including adding and removing attachments, meta-data support, page rotation, and form editing improvements

7. Aspect ratio now considered when scaling JPEG for optimized loading

8. All Russian text is now natively translated

9. Now uses custom GDI+ dash drawing for improved selection styling (e.g. when cropping)

10. Various stability fixes and improvements 




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Please improve your update process: customers need to contact you and wait for a link to get updates. This could take a few hours or days which is far too long, especially when updating to a new version of Delphi and ImageEn is the ONLY missing component which I have to wait for 😞

You should either provide a secure download location for existing customers, or automatically send a download link for archiving purposes when a new release is available.


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