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Playstore Android 64 bit APK, is it possible

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So I admit I am late to this party.  My 4 apps are very simple and control electronic devices that I design and sell.  I finally am getting around to updating to Android 64 bits because I am doing a major overhaul of one of the devices.  I have switched two of the APPS to Android 64, compiled and started testing.  So far no issues.  I tried to make a RELEASE-APPLICATION STORE version and it only generates .AAB file.  Since I control the keystore, Google will not let me upload a .AAB file.  My question then, is it possible to generate an APK file when using Android 64 bits.   I would like to control the Keystore (old fashioned thinking), but if .AAB is the only option then I will move on.


My environment

Delphi 10.4.2 Build 19041, 64 bit edition

Used existing project and just changed the settings to Android 64 bits

Tried both settings in Project Options/Building/Compiling/Other Options --  Generate Android 32 bit and 64 bit binaries
Removed the .dproj and started over again, but still only generated .AAB file


Thanks in advance

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I have read the documentation several times and followed step by step.  The item that seems to determine APK  or AAB in Android 64 bits is the setting

    Project Options/Building/Compiling/Other Options --  Generate Android 32 bit and 64 bit binaries

No matter which setting I used, only an AAB file is generated, with both 32 and 64 bit .so files.  In Android 32 bits, this option is not present.  This might make sense given what i found at the Play Store.


This is all moot though.  Reading more in the Play Store I find that after August 2021, only AAB will be accepted for new Apps and after November 2012 for updates.  Might as well convert to AAB now and move on.

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