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Watermark in a FastReports report

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I'm using the Embarcadero FR 6 version in D10.4.2 and want to add a watermark.


Which way looks properly?


I already tried to place a image on top. It contained the text in semi transparent. Image format was PNG.
It looked ok in designer but at runtime in preview an PDF output everything else was put in front of it!
Even when I had put these other items into the background in designer!


The other solution found was adding a frxMemo in EndDoc event. It sourt of works but doesn't cut it either.
I could neither find any way to put it the background as all (but then most likely the TCharts would be placed
on top in such a fashion that they'd cover my watermark) nor did I see any way to make the text semi transparent.


I read about using an OverlayBand, but no description of how to properly use that. Drop in on the page in
designer and add a memo with my text to it? Where does it render when? How to make it covering the other things
but in a semi transparent way?

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I use OverlayBand for watermark (but I have it under other things).

In current version of FastReport, images can use alpha channel and they are correctly alpha-blended; this works for PDF export if Image.Transparent is set to False and PDF export filter has Transparency set to True; for me, it does not work when I "print" the report to PdfCreator.

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Thanks in the first place.

1. I do think that image transparent was set to false as I used a PNG. It looked good in designer but not in preview or PDF. I need to check where I can set transparency to true in PDF exportfilter.
    In my case it had simply put the image behind everything else in preview and PDF.


2. About the OverlayBand: I see references to that and find it in designer, but I don't know how it works. I didn't manage to get it working and I didn't find any documentation for this.
    Can you give me more information about what to do with this?

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Setting UsePNGAlpha and transparency in the PDF settings do the trick for PDF output, but for preview and print output this
(this = using a PNG image with partial transparent contents) still fails. The watermark image is put into the background and
then overlapped with everything else.

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