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Joe Sansalone

Interbase license bound to specific computer?

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I'm starting to use AWS (Amazon Web Services) more and more.

And I store a snapshot of the entire drive so I can quickly launch

another computer instance with the same Windows, Interbase and Delphi created 

application.  (in case I need to).


I know that some database servers licenses are tied to the specific CPU or computer.


Does this apply to Interbase too?





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There are several different licenses for different installation types of InterBase, but I'm assuming you're not using the Developer, Desktop, ToGo, or IBLite licenses.


I'm pretty sure that it is not tied to a specific CPU or computer however, if one instance of a licensed InterBase is running and a second instance with the same license starts up, I think you'll get a license error. Whether or not Embarcadero tracks where the license is coming from, I'm not sure.

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