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Dave Nottage

Drawing problem with TStatusBar

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Steps to reproduce: (Delphi 10.4.2)


1. Start new VCL app
2. Put a TStatusBar on the form
3. Right-click the TStatusBar, click Panels Editor..
4. Click the "Add" button in the top left, 15 times (panels will be numbered 0 - 14)
5. Save the project
6. Close the form
7. Re-open the form
8. Check the appearance of the TStatusBar

On the PCs I have tried this on, the status bar fails to draw correctly when first shown. If the status bar needs to repaint, all is OK. This happens both at design time and runtime.


Might anyone know why this occurs, and is there a solution?

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1 hour ago, Lajos Juhász said:

At run time it shows ok in the empty project.

OK.. it may be a problem at runtime only in some circumstances, which includes running on a remote machine. Needs further investigation in that regard

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