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10.4.2 Installer in GetIt

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I didn't renew my subscription for my 10.4.1 Delphi Enterprise when it expired last October. I may renew again in a few years if/when the additions make it worthwhile.


However, now when I open GetIt I see the update shown in the attached screenshot - a 10.4.2 Installer, which says 'Included with your Update Subscription'.


My confusion is if my subscription ended last October, why is this shown in GetIt, unless Embarcadero (in their wisdom) are allowing me to upgrade my 10.4.1 to 10.4.2?


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This is a generic title, visible to everyone. Basically, it should be read "Included with your Update Subscription if your subscription is up-to-date". GetIt is not checking to see whether you have an active subscription or not.

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Thought as much. I assume if you didn't realise this and went ahead it would stop before it did any damage - like installing after it had you uninstalling any previous versions.

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It let's you download and start the install but you don't get very far into the installation before it asks for your license key. Once it determines you're not licensed for that version, it halts the upgrade process, then you're left to reinstall the previous version since the first step of installing an upgrade is to uninstall the current version.


So yeah, if you know you're not licensed for the new version, don't try as you'll just waste a bunch of time. 😕

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