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David Schwartz

FastMM4 with D10.4.2 -- need $G ???

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I've used FastMM4 plenty of times, but I don't think I've used it with 10.4.2 at all.


I keep getting this error message now:


[dcc32 Error] E2201 Need imported data reference ($G) to access 'IsMultiThread' from unit 'FastMM4'


I read the info on it, and nothing I tried worked. 


i didn't see this with 10.3.x or earlier versions.


I've tried both FastMM 4992 and 4993, and get the same results when compiling.


Is there a flag in the 10.4.2 IDE I need to set?



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I have had this while using the Mormot library for years. It is FastMM related and I need to go into the mormot library and uncomment the FastMM stuff.

Only happens when compiling custom packages though, never had it outside of that scenario. 

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