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New Android does not launch

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Working with D10.2.3 (and plz do not sell me a new Delphi).


My Android application worked up to my Samsung S6.

Now I have a new phone Galaxy 21 and my application does not start.

!. I made sure I have API 26.

2. I changed AndroidManifest.template.xml to <uses-sdk android:minSdkVersion="26" android:targetSdkVersion="26" />

3. To make sure my application is OK i changed minSdk=14 build and run on S3!!! it is OK

4. Build and run application and made sure all my AndroidManifest.template.xml have 26.

5 still after running, I get 

   " cannot attach to lwp 16457 no such process (3) exiting"

Any help?

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// fixed typo in title (lunch -> launch)

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As I understand, the APIs are bound at runtime, or am I mistaken? 
Can it be that your application tries to use an API that doesn't exist in a compatible form on SDK14 / S3?


Edit: OR - the API is access restricted and you are not checking for the rights to access the API before use?


Edit 2: I want to point out that all of the above are pure speculations on my part.


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@Lars Fosdal

How to do that  "for the rights to access the API before use?"

I think I checked all things.

Like making sure I have the API 26

Checked min and max SDK

OR I suspect that I do not use  API 26


Android 8.0.0 (API 26) is installed

here I can see C:\Users\Public\Documents\Embarcadero\Studio\19.0\CatalogRepository\

platform 22 26 27 29 are installed 

So what else have I to do to ensure I am using 26?




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Just a guess is the new phone setup for allowing debugging/connecting to PC. 

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@Pat Foley The program loads to the phone. See the icon see splash and program stops

Does not even start form create

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Still a problem but

On the option, I changed the NDK to the max platform.

It was 14 now it is 19


So now I get "class segmentation fault (11)" problem

Any advice on how to debug this?

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Unsure about class segmentation error.  To use the location demo on my phone I need to touch the (..)menu located in in the center of app title.  Under 10.2 the menu was on the left. I would try one of the demos or a simple hello world program on the new device to learn what it likes.  






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It will be my next resort

In the meantime, I check some of my old programs

on Android studio also there I found problems but fixing some

As I have a large number of projects on both IDE.

So it takes time

Thanks any how

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