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App Store invalid binary error

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Hello I get such an error message when I upload my project to the App Store.
What I did for the solution,
  *I checked the build number and version number.
  * Renewed certificates.




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ITMS-90793: Missing fonts - The com.apple.developer.user-fonts entitlement is present with the system-installation value, yet no fonts were detected in the app. Please remove the system-installation entitlement value or make sure to include your fonts and resubmit.

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3 hours ago, Arsl01 said:

The com.apple.developer.user-fonts entitlement is present

This suggests that the App ID you have created for your app has the Fonts entitlement checked, i.e. on the Apple Developer site, your App ID has this:




It's unlikely you need this entitlement. Please refer to: https://stackoverflow.com/a/58534629/3164070


To rectify the issue, you would need to remove the entitlement from the App ID, re-create and re-download the provisioning profile for your app.

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