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John van de Waeter

idHttp Windows ConnectTimeout

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Hi All,


My PC is always on. Except for today, I needed to check hardware and had to coldboot my computer.

Ofcourse there were some windows updates that jumped in. Ok, Ok, All Ok.

Windows booting, all seems okay, I start my D11-FMX project, F9 execute

The project asks a server for updated info via HTTP. Via an idHttp.

That has worked for years flawlessly, but now timed out.

Weird. Browser worked ok, ip4 and ipv6 enabled, all seems ok.

Compile and run on Android, everything works as expected. Same for iOS.


I took a USBdrive and copied the Windows executable to a laptop that had not been switched on for weeks. On the same LAN.

Everything worked like a charm.


So, it's likely something in my computer.

Switched off all apps/internet and whatever protections are visible in the windows settings, rebooted several times.,

To no Avail.

Windows updates maybe?

Uninstalled update KB5007186

Everything works again!


I cannot look inside the updates, no idea what's going on,




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