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php's password_verify in Delphi?

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Is there a "simple" function in Delphi (using 10.3 Professional) that allows me to verify a password with a hash code generated in php using password_hash()?

A function, that does the same as php's password_verify($password, $hash);

Example: using php's password_hash('thisismyaccesscode', PASSWORD_DEFAULT) I have created this hash: $2y$10$21qire0Qwz/gj6HEej3tf.skdiZzeB.rgFdg7qD.5rAhE/AFg.U8q

Now I'm looking for a Delphi function, that tells me, if the password entered into my program can be verified against this hash.

Background: I have a list of user records for my web server. Using a webservice I can retrieve a user's password hash from that server. I know it is generated using the php function password_hash. I want to enable my users to login to my Delphi program using the access code from the web site. Therefore I get the password hash from the websever and want to verify it locally in my Delphi program instead of uploading the password to the server and checking with php.

BTW: I posted the same question on Stack Overflow, but I think, this might the better platform to find solutions for Delphi questions.


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Read in docs what hash algo password_hash() uses

Search implementation of this algo for Delphi

Write primitive verification routine

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