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jon eskandi

How to print Bitmap to bluetooth thermal printer

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i'am struggling to print bitmap to bluetooth thermal printer (Zjiang).

here is the Printer Manual for Print NV Bitmap


[Name] Define NV bitmap [Format]

ASCIIcode FS q n [xL xH yL yHd1...dk]1...[xLxH yLyHd1...dk]n

Hexadecimal code 1C 71 n [xLxHyLyHd1...dk]1...[xLxHyLyHd1...dk]n

Decimal Code 28 113 n [xLxHyLyHd1...dk]1...[xLxHyLyHd1...dk]n


[Name] Print NV bitmap

[Format] ASCII code FS p n m

Hexadecimal code 1C 70 n m

Decimal Code 28 11 n m


i just confuse how to convert bitmap to TByte for this format [xLxHyLyHd1...dk]1...[xLxHyLyHd1...dk]n


Please assisted 🙏🙏

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