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Add Indexer problem

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Hi Uwe,

When I try to use the Add Indexer Wizard, the Wizard complains about "no indexer implemenations found".

The directory with the Indexers templates exits: C:\ProgramData\Raabe Software\shared\Indexers with two templates in it.


I am running Version 14,0.5 Build 2276 on DX Rio.


Any help appreciated.


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The Indexer templates are expected in the Indexers sub folder from the shared folder set in registry under HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Raabe Software\Shared\RootDir.


It is quite possible that something went wrong during the installation and the indexer files were not copied to that folder. I will check the setup for that.

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Thanks Uwe,

indeed, there is no Indexers subfolder in the folder HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Raabe Software\Shared\RootDir  is pointing to.

See attached image what this folder looks like on my system.



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I wonder how this folder is going to be used as Shared folder. For a non-admin installation that should rather be %APPDATA%\Raabe Software\Shared and not %APPDATA%\Raabe Software\MMX Code Explorer. On the other hand I can imagine some buggy setup scheme from my side.


So whatever that registry RootDir entry points to, copy the Indexers folder into that folder and you should be done.


I will investigate the setup for any glitches - or better - rethink the folder architecture in general.

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Thanks Uwe,

done and works now as expected.

As I am using MMX (and starting to see its benefits more and more) I have encountered a few other problems, but I will post separate threads for those.


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