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Interbase Int64 support

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Which data type should be used for Int64 values?


I tried Int64 and bigint, both return an error:

create table Test(ID Int64)

create table Test(ID bigint)


Error message:

Project IBTest.exe raised exception class EIBNativeException with message '[FireDAC][Phys][IB]Dynamic SQL Error
SQL error code = -607
Invalid command
Specified domain or source column does not exist'.



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ok, will do.


I was trying to use FDBatchMove + FDBatchMoveSQLWriter to import a table from MSSql into Interbase. The internal table generator uses 'Int64' for such fields, am I using the wrong generator?






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That would be a bug in FireDAC.  What you can do though is in your DB set up an Int64 domain that is numeric(18,0) and then it should go through.  I had a similar bug in IBExtract in IBX.

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BIGINT is the SQL99-compliant 64-bit signed integer type

What's the problem?


NVM, noticed IB context. Funny that commercial DBMS has no such basic type

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