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Active Directory unlock a user

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I have tried ADSI and a number of other APIs and I am successfully retrieving user credential but can find how to change the ADS user to unlock a user.

Does anyone direct me how to or know where to find Delphi code to unlock an Active Directory user account.

I could only retrieve status but not find a method to update the ADS record. I am using the ADSI API. Here is and extract of the code: 

procedure TForm1.btn3Click(Sender: TObject);
 lv_User: TADSIUserInfo;
 lv_Err: string;
 lv_P: TPassword;
 lbl1.Caption := '';
 if ads1.GetUser(gv_Domain, kbmtblUsersUserName.AsString, lv_User, lv_Err) then
  chk1.Checked := lv_User.LockedOut;
    (... other code to display AD User Details...)
  lbl1.Caption := 'User not found';


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11 hours ago, Steku said:

Not shure if it helps, but maybe worth a try...


This guy here ist doing some AD user related stuff, unfortunatly the site is only in german available.





Thank you.


I looked and it seems to put me on the correct track to solve my problem.


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