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Events not fired in TsaveDialog with FMX

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I am porting a project to FMX (from VCL). I use a TSaveDialog with Filter for the file extensions :

 SaveDialog1.Filter := 'Acrobat file PDF|*.pdf|'+ 'Excel file(*.xls)|*.xls|';

As the user has choice for some extensions, I use the 'OnTypeChange' event to know the chosen extension.

But when I change the extension this event does'nt fire, but the 'OnShow' event fires ! 

I tried TOpenDialog with the same problem.

Some informations :

Delphi Pro 10.3.1 (I tried Delphi 10.3.3)

* Event 'OnFolderChange' does'nt fire.

Any idea ? Is there any option I missed ? Or a known bug ?




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