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Problems with IDE font size on DX11

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I'm not entirely sure that this is really related to MMX but using some MMX Windows I'm able to reproduce:



* place the two desktop definition files from attachment ( Test.zip ) on location for desktop definitions 

* make sure you have a secondary monitor using a different DPI scaling ( 150%)  right beside your primary monitor  (100%) !

* Delphi XE11 starts on primary monitor


Steps to reproduce:

* start IDE

* select desktop layout 'MMX (No GX)'  and watch bottom window 'Messages'

* select desktop layout 'MMX Debug (No GX)'

* again select layout 'MMX (No GX)' and watch bottom window 'Messages': now font size has changed!


MMX_Step1.png.8772072d784bd02ba0cc2d9460dfc813.png  vs. MMX_Step3.png.d358f92e5ced3afd977cc3ee1689ee4f.png


As far as I can tell this happens only when I have the secondary monitor available using a different DPI. The problem gets more worse as some other IDE windows also change their font size and column positions (inspector, GExperts Search result window etc. )


Is someone able to reproduce this behavior? As said, I'm not sure if this is really related to MMX (installed experts: MMX, GEXperts)


kind regards,


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After installing Update 11.1 I can no longer reproduce this problem. 👍

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