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Good afternoon, I encountered such a problem, when executing a python script, the calculations are not written to the output fields, and therefore cannot go further, since they take values from them. Can anyone tell me what I did wrong?




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The result of BeamSquare is a tuple string 'Quadrate Square', 1125 . You are not setting a value, 1125 to a variable. so when you read BeamSquare.Value it is evaluating a( tuple * 55) not (1125*55).


I expect if you set a breakpoint on S in QuadrateBeam_Value and then inspect BeamSquare.value it will show you more detail.


Could be wrong, but it is my best guess from the screen shots.

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Here's idea make a Tlist<TQuadbeam> to help separate the UI from the math.


I marked up the UI to help. 


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