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Lazarus build for Linux

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Can someone tell me how to set Lazarus to build for Linux? When I try to set up builder is gives some error that that system.ppu for this target (Linux) was not found. Maybe some libraries for Linux are missing? Where to get them? How to set this up properly?

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You have to build FPC for the target first. Here's the excerpt from my own batch file

		CALL make %Make_Opt% clean CPU_TARGET=%TargCPU% OS_TARGET=%TargOS% || (ECHO Command "make clean" for FPC failed... && GOTO :BuildFPCErr)
		CALL make %Make_Opt% crossinstall %FPC_Opt% CPU_TARGET=%TargCPU% OS_TARGET=%TargOS% INSTALL_PREFIX="%FPCPath%" || (ECHO Command "make crossinstall" failed... && GOTO :BuildFPCErr)

then you'll be able to crosscompile apps.

Check ready-to-use script here https://github.com/Fr0sT-Brutal/FPC_Build


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