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Larry Hengen

FireDAC calling sp_pkeys

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I am using an old version of FireDAC (Berlin time frame) and when opening an updateable query it implicitly calls sp_pkeys which can take ~1.5s to return.  It seems to do so only once and then caches the PK info for the table appearing in the SQL FROM clause.  Grepping the source has yielded no information, and my Google fu is failing me. Depending on the use case, this sometimes results in poor performance.  For instance if the user fires up the app and goes into a screen to update some data and then closes the app, they trigger all of the metadata queries during their usage.  Over slower VPN connections this can be a real problem.  It would be nice to be able to prevent FireDAC from making such a metadata call.  Can we specify the PK column at design-time or run-time and prevent the metadata query?  After all the database PKs seldom change.

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