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Indy download and installation on Lazarus running on Ubuntu

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Is there a link to download Indy as well as installation manual for Lazarus running on Ubuntu X86_64?

please advise






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The download for the current Indy source code is available on https://github.com/IndySockets/Indy

An installation of the components is actually not required, as you can create instances of the various components at runtime.


(note: there is a *.lpk file, in Lib\indylaz.lpk, however I have not tried if it works with the current Lazarus version on Ubuntu)


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Posted (edited)

There is an installation guide in FPC's wiki:




However, note that Indy is available in Lazarus' OPM, that is the easiest way to install Indy into Lazarus.  I think that version is a few months behind in updates from Indy's GitHub repo, so I'll ping GetMem to get that updated to the latest.

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