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Can't create TPythonEngine at run-time. Why??

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Since I need to run Python4Delphi in a separate thread. I first try to modify demo01 of Python4Delphi to  create TPythonEngine and TPythonGUIInputOutput at run time instead of design time.

procedure TForm1.FormCreate(Sender: TObject);

  PythonGUIInputOutput1:= TPythonGUIInputOutput.Create(self);
  PythonGUIInputOutput1.Name := 'PythonGUIInputOutput1';
  PythonGUIInputOutput1.Output := Memo2;

  PythonEngine1 := TPythonEngine.Create(self);
  PythonEngine1.Name := 'PythonEngine1';
  PythonEngine1.IO := PythonGUIInputOutput1;


However, when I run the demo01.exe now, it pops up the error "Python is not properly initialized"!!!


How do fix it?

My eventual goal is to create TPythonEngine , TPythonGUIInputOutput and other python4delphi components in a separate thread at run time, so as to make python run in its own thread.

Please kindly help.


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You are not calling PythonEngine1.Load.
Demo34 shows how to load a python engine dynamically, but please note that this is very tricky and things can go wrong.

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Tried. There is no method named " PythonEngine1.Load", but I found PythonEngine1.LoadDll and it worked. Thanks.

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