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does SetLength for an array actually release memory?

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Given code like this:

  arr: array of TSomeLargeRecord;
  SetLength(arr, 5000);
  // fill the array
  SetLength(arr, 100);
  // work with the smaller array

Does the last call to SetLength actually reduce the memory required for the array?


I'm suspecting that it only reduces the internally stored capacity but the memory will remain allocated until the array is finalized, that is it goes out of scope, is set to NIL or SetLength(arr,0) is called.

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I peeked at the source code and it calls ReallocMem thus should work as expected.

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That's up to the implementation of ReallocMem - the one that comes with Delphi (FastMM4) (I just looked into getmem.inc) has this comment:


It's a downsize. Do we need to allocate a smaller block? Only if the new size is less than a quarter of the available size less SmallBlockDownsizeCheckAdder bytes


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