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import generates divide by 0 error

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I've been playing around with the Python Skyfield library, which can track planets and satellites. My first goal was to identify what objects are overhead at any given moment. My programs seem to work just fine when I run them from the command prompt in Windows. I thought it would be a good learning experience to incorporate them into Delphi so I could get better GUI (i.e., more than just text) output. I started with the simple demos - the ones with the 2 Memos that execute the script from Memo1 and place the output in Memo2. However, the very first line of my script always results in a "divide by 0" error. That line is:

import skyfield.api

This works fine from a Windows command prompt, and also within the Python interpreter.


My original program actually uses

from skyfield.api import load, Topos

but that also generates a divide by 0 error.


Where should I look to debug this issue?


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