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any one work in TMS Web core ?

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hi ,

i have triel version of TMS Web Core for delphi ,

i want to buy it after trying

if i try to show data in webdbgride the data not showing , i use MiletusMSSQLDBDriver , MiletusClientDataSet to do that , and i but all properties


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From what I remember when playing around with Miletus the settings do not work at design time. Add the fields you want to the grid, you will get an error but ignore it. In the OnCreate event of the form do something like:

  MiletusMSSQLDBDriver1.Server:='Server Name';
  MiletusMSSQLDBDriver1.DataBase:='Database Name';

  //If OSAuthent is False, you'll need to set UserName and Password:

  MiletusClientDataSet1.QueryText:='select * from Whatever;';
  MiletusClientDataSet1.IndexName:='Index Name';


Add a TWebButton and in the OnClick Event add:




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