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Monterey 12.6 not recognizing bitmap files

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I don't see other posts regarding this so it makes me wonder. I was previously developing on Delphi 10.4 when some of my customers reported that after upgrading to Monterey 12.6, their applications that I made stopped opening.


After being told I need to upgrade to Delphi 11.2, I did, and was able to debug my apps. I discovered that none of the .bmp files that my program was attempting to load and display worked. And my app had about a hundred of them on screen at one time. They were small files, under 6kb each. The message just said they could not be loaded.


I also noticed, on my Mac laptop running 12.6 and an M1 chip, that I could not even view the .bmp files in Viewer. Very strange indeed. The message said they were damaged and something else, but basically they could not be viewed.


When I converted these files to .gif images, they loaded just fine and that was my solution.


Has anyone else seen this? Better yet, does anyone have an app running on Monterey 12.6 that does load .bmp files and display them? I have searched online for anything on this and so far have come up with nothing. It seems to be system-wide and Mac-Monterey 12.6-wide (works fine on earlier Monterey and other versions).





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