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IDE Menu Shortcuts... / ALT+F12

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I want to modify the ALT+F12 shortcut that allows to switch between the form and the text form.

I think this shortcut is not in the delphi menu and I can't find it in "IDE Menu Shortcuts...".

Did I miss it? If not, would you have a solution to customize the shortcut for this feature?



Thank you very much,

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That shortcut is assigned to an action with the name ViewSwapSourceFormCommand and the caption "&View as Text" but you are right, there doesn't seem to be any menu entry for it so there is currently now way to change that shortcut.




If you want to, you can probably write your own expert that retrieves that action from the IDE and changes the shortcut. Code for retrieving these actions can be found in the GExperts Keyboard Shortcuts expert. Or you could extend that expert to allow changing the shortcuts in addition to displaying them. There is even a feature request for that already.

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