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Extremely slow

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I'm using some simple calculations from Python (from open-dis-python).

If I just run the calculations in Python, E.G. 1000 times, it takes miliseconds.

If I run it from Delphi, it takes 3-4 seconds for the same amount of calculations.


Without being an expert at all, my guess is, that each time I call  PythonEngine1.ExecStrings( Memo1.Lines );

it creates the entire python structure and free it again, or the mechanism that transfers variables between Python

and Delphi is extremely slow (PythonDelphiVarxx). 


The attaches .py file is the one I use. I send lla from delphi and needs ecef return. Which works fine, but slow.


This is how I call the function 1000 times to measure performance:


procedure TForm1.Button5Click(Sender: TObject);
  I: Integer;
  TEST : double;
  Tekst:  String;
  Tid2,Tid3,freq: Int64;
  for I := 0 to 999 do
    PythonEngine1.ExecStrings( Memo1.Lines );
    if I mod 100 = 0 then

      Tekst := edit1.Text;
      Tekst := StringReplace(Tekst,'.',',',[rfReplaceAll]);
      Test := strtofloat(Tekst);
      Test := test + 0.001;
      Tekst := floattostr(Test);
      Tekst := StringReplace(Tekst,',','.',[rfReplaceAll]);
      edit1.Text := Tekst;

  memo2.Lines.Add('Time: ' +floattostr(((Tid3-Tid2)*1000)/Freq));



I get the result via PythonDelphiVar_OnChange



Any hints on performance



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Ohh, by the way. Thank you all for some nice posts in this forum, I already got some really nice hints here.

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In general, Python scripts run just as fast (or better just as slow) using P4D in Delphi, as they do using python.exe.

7 hours ago, RDAF said:

or the mechanism that transfers variables between Python

and Delphi

You need to show what you are doing in that respect.

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