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Johan Bontes

Backporting the new language features in Delphi Rio

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A while ago I did some development using DelphiAST. 

I've since added a symbol table and a writer that writes out Delphi code.

This allows me to do something really cool: read in Delphi(like) code and output transformed code.


One of the things this allows is new operators like


+=, /= etc.


It also allows for the new


for var i: integer:= 0 to 10 do ...

syntax to be ported. I simply read in the new syntax and output the old, taking care to resolve any name clashes.

Obviously this also requires me to rewrite the syntax highlighter, which I have not done so far, because this is a bit harder, still I think it would make

an interesting project and help with the adaptation of the new language features.


Is there documentation regarding the new language features in Rio? I cannot seem to find more than a few still shots from David's presentation?

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It's not out yet, and a thorough analysis or documentation would be subject to an NDA. Right now patience is a virtue.

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