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7zip (LZMA) compression

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At this time does somebody know a library to handle 7zip compression (LZMA) without DLL ?

I have tried it :


But file LzmaDec.pas et LzmaEnc.pas are missing. 


LZMA is in the list :


But it's not seems to be handled.


Better a cross-plateform  library.

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Thank you it's work, but after some fails : I understand that it's work for zip with LZMA compression but not for 7z with LZMA compression.


Someone know a native Delphi library for 7z ? Because it's really better compression than zip !



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ccy's version works properly on ZIP archives with LZMA compression. 7-zip is using LZMA2 by default, for which I did not see a pure pascal implementation yet.

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Even that LZMA is not pure, it uses C obj files. Probably you could build LZMA2 objs as well and link them to Delphi app.

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