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7zip (LZMA) compression

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Thank you it's work, but after some fails : I understand that it's work for zip with LZMA compression but not for 7z with LZMA compression.


Someone know a native Delphi library for 7z ? Because it's really better compression than zip !



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ccy's version works properly on ZIP archives with LZMA compression. 7-zip is using LZMA2 by default, for which I did not see a pure pascal implementation yet.

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Even that LZMA is not pure, it uses C obj files. Probably you could build LZMA2 objs as well and link them to Delphi app.

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Innosetup has LZMA and LZMA2 code, might be that it is using it "in own way", did not check that closely. But there are .obj files for 32 & 64bit build and so on. Don't know is the headers translated fully.


Ah did not see that this was Cross platform, and those might not be portable, but anyhow, maybe someone else can use the info,..,.



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