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TTextAlign problems in TEdit in FMX

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I'm new to FMX (VCL is easier)  but I've encountered a problem and all the Embarcadero wiki's don't seem to help.


I have a FMX TEdit box  with text.   I can position  the text to "Center"  in the box at design time by going to  TextSettings->HorzAlign->Center    in the object inspector and all goes well.  It compiles.   But I would like to change the alignment at runtime in the code when a button is clicked.  


The code I use is :    Edit1->TextSettings->HorzAlign = Leading ;          //Leading means left justified


and the error message on compiling is:  use of undeclared identifier 'Leading'       I have included the file FMX.Types.hpp  which should (does: I checked) tell the compiler about Leading.


Where  Leading    is  given as     "enum class DECLSPEC_DENUM TTextAlign : unsigned int { Center, Leading, Trailing };  "   in the embarcadero wiki at FMX.Types.TTextAlign - RAD Studio API Documentation (embarcadero.com)

(Sorry folks--  I'm a C++ guy  but this should be the same problem for you Delphi folks as well)   


So I added the code:   

 unsigned int Center, Leading, Trailing;
   Center = 0;
   Leading = 1;
   Trailing = 2;


And get error:   cannot initialize a parameter of type 'FMX::Types::TTexAlign' with an lvalue of type 'unsigned int'


What am I doing wrong?  But more important,  how can I get the Edit box to change alignment during runtime?


Thanks for your ideas.









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You need to give the type of the enumeration, use

Edit1->TextSettings->HorzAlign =TTextAlign.Leading
Edit1.TextSettings.HorzAlign :=TTextAlign.Leading


28 minutes ago, ptlycldy said:

I'm new to FMX (VCL is easier)

It's only some ways to change. I use Delphi from D3 version, my new applications are all FMX, it took me 1-2 years to take the plunge, but now I much prefer FMX

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  1. some "enumerates" needs "spacenames" for use, or you can have a "conflict" between same "enumerate name" in many others units!
    1. then, try always use "enumarateNameSpaces.enumerateValue", like: TMyEnumX.meTwo
  2. other way to use enumerates, if no "out of range" from enumerate in usage, is:


implementation   /// DELPHI code

{$R *.dfm}

  TMyEnumX = (meOne, meTwo); // <-------


procedure ShowMePlease;
  MyEnumX : TMyEnumX;
  MyVarInt: integer;
  MyVarInt := 4; // <------- it will 5º element, if exists on enumerate type above!
  MyEnumX := TMyEnumX( MyVarInt ); // <------- OUT OF RANGE here, but not error!
  ShowMessage( Ord(MyEnumX).ToString ); // no errors here!!





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