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Delphi Code Coverage WIzard Plus V2.0 released

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I've got some good news and sort of a Christmas present:


What is it?

Delphi Code Coverage Wizard V2.0. A GUI to make using the CodeCoverage.exe tool easier.


Oh and what please is code coverage?
With code coverage one can find out whether the unit tests one has (I do hope you have some!) really
cover all of your code or if you missed some scenarious.

If you still are unsure how that looks like you might have a look at the screenshots provided at the
bottom of the project's github page here:


Now where to get this fine tool?


A list of the improvements made between V1.1 and V2.0 is found on the release URL above.

Now enjoy it

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Just try it out, but be aware that I'm not the developer of CodeCoverage.exe, just of the Wizard around it. 😉

The other project is linked to from my project site though.

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This is the information that I added a few things in development branch of this tool lately. I updated the command line code coverage tool used
and started to add the new parametrs it provides. I haven't yet added all and I don't think all make sense for this tool, but you might still want
to try it out. I haven't tested those additions yet, as I don't fully understand yet how they must be used from that bit of documentation provided
for them and now I have lack of time, but I still hope they're usefull as is.


So if I get feedback on them (and I didn't completely missunderstand those) I might still get a new release together soon.




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Well, I'd be gratefull if somebody could grab that new version from development branch and test the new additions to find out if I understood and implemented those correctly.

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