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Install ICS Components

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Purpose: Install Overbyte ICS components
Targed: C ++ Builder Seattle
Version: Icsv858


I try to install the ICS componenten.
The error message comes immediately:
[DCC Fatal Error] pasall.tmp (1): F1027 Unit not found: 'System' or binary equivalents (.dcu)
Can somebody give me advise what to do?
Thanks for a help!

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Sorry, as discussed elsewhere in this forum, we don't support those old C++ packages at the moment, due to lack of C++ knowledge.  I want to remove, them, but other users manage to get them to build.




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I would suggest to download the latest ICS snapshot, it contains changes related to C++ Builder support although I'm not sure the changes have been propagated from latest C++ Builder version projects to the old one you still use.


Another suggestion is that you recreate yourself the ICS package adapted for you C++ Builder version. ICS are standard component and do not make use of any special feature. If you know well C++ Builder, then you should be able to create the new package project (Maybe containing only the components you are interested in).


A third suggestion is to repost your message using a suitable subject to catch attention of C++ Builder user that are reading this forum. Something like "Error installing ICS with C++ Builder XE3"




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