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Ali Dehban

ChatGPT plug-in for RAD Studio.

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Hello, everybuddy.
Recently I made a plug-in for Delphi to use ChatGPT inside the IDE.

The main service is ChatGPT but it's actually multi-AI support, you can get responses from three different sources, compare and decide.

I hope this can be helpful and accelerate your work.

Repository: https://github.com/AliDehbansiahkarbon/ChatGPTWizard

Key features:
- Free text question form.
- Dockable question form.
- Inline questions(in the editor).

- Context menu options to help you to find bugs, write tests, optimize code, add comments, etc...

- Class view.

- Predefined Questions for class view.
- History to save your tokens on OpenAI !

- Fuzzy string match searches in the history.
- Animated letters(Like the website).

- Proxy server options. 

- Supports Writesonic AI (https://writesonic.com)

- Support YouChat (https://you.com)

Short Video 1: 


Short Video 2 - Inline Questions: 



Full Video (ver. 2.0): 




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A new short video that demonstrates all the features of the plug-in quickly.



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Hi fellows,
I wanted to inform you that I have made an improvement to my AI-integration plug-in called ChatGPTWizard.

Now it supports Ollama, the offline AI chatbot server.

You can download the latest version (v3.0) to try it out here: 

To set up your offline GPT-like server read this section: 
https://github.com/AliDehbansiahkarbon/ChatGPTWizard#:~:text=How to use it in Offline mode

I am eagerly looking forward to receiving your valuable feedback.
Thank you in advance.

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Thank you for your reply.

It's just a warning and won't be a problem but the warning shouldn't appear.

I'm wondering how can I duplicate this.

I'll try to fix it.

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The plug-in is working great and the warning is indeed not a problem. 👍

I've downloaded the ZIP from GitHub and build/installed the *.dpk file and that went very smooth.

The message I got directly after installing the plug-in.

From the IDE main menu I opened the Chat-GPT settings and pasted the

API-key and did Save/Close without any other input in the setting dialog.




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The wrong warning is fixed now. @Die Holländer
GitHub and release has been updated.

If you prefer to follow it here it's ok but it would be easier for me to follow everything in one place, GitHub.
If possible, please open an issue on GitHub in the future.

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