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TPythonInputOutput separation Python Error

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is there any way to remap PyErr_Print using a custom function? I would like to log the error output on a separate sheet. Now everything ends up in TPythonInputOutput. Or can it be done differently?
Thanks for the idea.

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I think the best you can is to refer to the PythonEngine's DoRedirectIO sources


the line


redirects error output onto PythonEngine.IO

so far you could try to use other redirection somewhere in your code


Hope this helps

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from io import StringIO
import sys

old_stderr = sys.stderr
sys.stderr = mystderr = StringIO()

# examine mystderr.getvalue()


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Thanks, it works.


    errorMessage := MainModule.mystderr.getvalue();

I would just like to continuously catch errors if someone writes in the Python code for example print("Error example 1", file=sys.stderr)
sys.stderr.write("Error Example 2")
The current solution only prints everything at once, with the same timestamp.


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