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window is getting smaller when loading / switching with Alt_F12

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Each time I switch from dfm text to form designer and back, (or when reloading file after saving the form), I have a 1-3 pixels smaller form and controls moved inside it. (from image 1 to image 2)

The tpanel has anchors set to [arTop,arRight]

I opened a ticket  https://quality.embarcadero.com/browse/RSP-41759 but it is really annoying. It happens also to 11.2 and I tried a new fresh install with 11.3 patch1 and it happens without any addon

I do not have any custom setting, nor any change in IDE from defaults. My screen is 100% scale in windows 11 without any noticeable change.

Do you have such a problem? How did you overcome it?

image.thumb.png.b61ce16f57ff605a31756476eb8f93c9.png image.thumb.png.c6403c9f5a92570873000287192dc539.png

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