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Andrew Spencer

How to clear the cache in TEdgeBrowser

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I'm using EdgeBrowser1.UserDataFolder to set up the temporary folder for cache management (as detailed in https://docwiki.embarcadero.com/RADStudio/Sydney/en/Using_TEdgeBrowser_Component_and_Changes_to_the_TWebBrowser_Component)


Is clearing the cache as simple as deleting the 'EBWebView' folder that gets created, before navigating with the TEdgeBrowser?

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@Andrew Spencer


I haven't done this test yet, but what I do know is that Edge's sub-directories are created on its first run. This way, it unpacks all DLL files to generate a new repository for use, a kind of on-demand!
Then, you could try deleting the directory you want to see the result, i.e. if there will be any exceptions thrown or if Edge will recreate the new sub-directory!


On the other hand, I think there is a proper function to clear Edge cache. You tried to "re-create" the browser again to see the result?

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Embarcaderos documentation calls it a „folder to be used for the cache“ and I think that is misleading.


You might want to read Microsofts documentation, which is pretty well-written and starts here:



Also of interest:


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I am only using TEdgeBrowser to display the "Release Info" for my software. So it turned out that setting the temporary folder and making sure that the " EBWebView" folder that gets created there (and all sub-folders) are deleted, before calling the .Navigate method was quite suitable for my needs.

There was no need to preserve all the additional functionality stored in the cache, as detailed in the Microsoft documentation.


Thanks for the responses!

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