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Ian Branch

App Tethering issue..

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Hi Team,

Despite my pitiful efforts I have managed to get App Tethering working between two Apps.

But, I have a problem.  IIUC, the Sender has to be running before the Receiver.  Something about establishing a socket

This I can't guarantee.  😞

Is there any way to configure App Tethering so it dosn't matter if the Sender or Receiver starts first??


Regards & TIA,


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Never used App Thethering but I assume you get and exception when the other party is not started. Just catch the exception and try again after a short delay.

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Posted (edited)

@Ian Branch

in fact, you can start one or other, because any one can be server or client, or be, it can receive and send info.

you need just create a logical for that, using the events!


the server always listen for a client in your network/bluetooth (a TCP/IP server), as you run client first, then you can use a "Timer" (or any strategy) to send a request to connect to the server (be who be) and it's ready. -- dont forget disable it when ok

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