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Need Help Java to Pascal

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I am trying to use Admob Rewarded Video on Delphi and found this solution https://enhance.co/documentation/native-android/rewarded-ads


They have java connector and I converted this Jar library with Java2OP.exe to pascal. (files attached post)

I can use basic java classes but I dont know how to use java procedures, I need help this level. can any one help me how can run this java example code on delphi.

Thank you.


This code working and showing rewarded video successful.

if TJEnhance.JavaClass.isRewardedAdReady=true then


This is what I need to pascal

if(Enhance.isRewardedAdReady()) {
    // The ad is ready, show it
    Enhance.showRewardedAd(new RewardCallback()
        // Callbacks:
        public void onRewardGranted(int rewardValue, RewardType rewardType)
            if(rewardType == RewardType.ITEM)
                writeLog("Reward granted (item)");

            else if(rewardType == RewardType.COINS)
                writeLog("Reward granted (coins), value: " + rewardValue);

        public void onRewardDeclined()
            writeLog("Reward declined");

        public void onRewardUnavailable()
            writeLog("Reward unavailable");


Enhance-Connector.pas about TJEnhance_RewardCallback 

  JEnhance_RewardCallbackClass = interface(IJavaClass)

  JEnhance_RewardCallback = interface(IJavaInstance)
    procedure onRewardDeclined; cdecl;
    procedure onRewardGranted(P1: Integer; P2: JEnhance_RewardType); cdecl;
    procedure onRewardUnavailable; cdecl;
  TJEnhance_RewardCallback = class(TJavaGenericImport<JEnhance_RewardCallbackClass, JEnhance_RewardCallback>) end;

  JEnhance_RewardTypeClass = interface(JEnumClass)
    {class} function _GetCOINS: JEnhance_RewardType; cdecl;
    {class} function _GetITEM: JEnhance_RewardType; cdecl;
    {class} function valueOf(P1: JString): JEnhance_RewardType; cdecl;
    {class} function values: TJavaObjectArray<JEnhance_RewardType>; cdecl;
    {class} property COINS: JEnhance_RewardType read _GetCOINS;
    {class} property ITEM: JEnhance_RewardType read _GetITEM;

  JEnhance_RewardType = interface(JEnum)
  TJEnhance_RewardType = class(TJavaGenericImport<JEnhance_RewardTypeClass, JEnhance_RewardType>) end;





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6 hours ago, pieomy said:

This is what I need to pascal

You cannot do that part in Delphi; it needs to be done in Java, then you can consume it from your Delphi code.

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