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  1. Given some proper hardware working in a VM is not noticeably slower. (OK, I can only speak for VMware Workstation here)
  2. chkaufmann

    How to work with Spatial Database with Delphi

    It depends on what you plan to do. TatukGIS DK is a very good GIS library. We use it since 20 years. It offers a great map viewer component and the enterprise edition covers all common spatial formats. It's not expensive compared to ESRI products, but it's not cheap either. If you just have some spatial data in a PostgreSQL/PostGIS database you can build your own SQL statements quite easy. Geometries are represented as WKT which is quite straight forward to understand. But of course it means programming work on your side. Regards Christian
  3. Erwin Mouthaan

    How to work with Spatial Database with Delphi

    Take look at TatukGIS DK. Enterprise package contains extensions for advanced spatial databases like PostGIS. Postgress seems to be supported.
  4. I must say, when in the phase to get stuff to work, i throw TDictionaries all over the place. It is fast to code, it's legible. Sometimes enabling them with a TList or TArray for sorted output or some such. Of course, if its just 10 digits, it's an array from start. Just make it readable and working! Then, when the project has been/is being deployed to some alpha/beta users and is stabile enough (in order not to confuse testers or myself) i do some extensive monitoring. That shows where the point of interest are to for example ditch a dict and use an array, or delve deep into the book to get inspiration. What i mean to say is, use the most "logical" way of storing in the beginning. Then focus on the parts of the system were it really pays. That way, you will have legible code most places and "tuned" (more complex source-reading, more sensitive maintenance) code where it really matters. Just my $,05.