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  1. chkaufmann

    Cyrillic characters in URL

    So this fix will be with the Indy version that comes with Delphi 11? Christian
  2. chkaufmann

    Cyrillic characters in URL

    I think, I found the answer myself now: https://stackoverflow.com/questions/24861793/indy-http-server-url-encoded-request When I add this code, my search string is correct. So probably nothing changed here since 2014. Christian
  3. chkaufmann

    Cyrillic characters in URL

    I use a TIdHTTPServer and have problems with decoding GET variables. The url in the browser looks like this (contains cyrillic characters): Then in the RequestInfo the UnparsedParam and the QueryParams have the value 'search=%D0%90%D0%BD%D1%82%D0%BE%D0%BD&language=ru' In DecodeAndSetParams this is parsed but I don't get the correct results: The request comes from the browser and I didn't change any properties. So I'm not sure how to proceed. I think Indy uses the wrong encoding but I'm not aware, where I can change that? And will all browser use the same encoding? Or do I have to Parse the QueryParams myself? Christian
  4. chkaufmann

    ExtractHeaderFields with special characters

    I use Delphi 10.4.2 and the Indy library coming with the default installation. I found that I can set the "Decode" parameter of ExtractHeaderFields() to false, then it works fine. Christian
  5. chkaufmann

    ExtractHeaderFields with special characters

    Ok, the request that comes with this malformed Content-Disposition is created by another Delphi application where I use Indy components. The code looks like this: mPartStream := TIdMultiPartFormDataStream.Create; postDataStream := mPartStream; FHttp.Request.ContentType := mPartStream.RequestContentType; for ix := 0 to FPostNames.Count -1 do begin if FPostFiles[ix].IsNull then mPartStream.AddFormField(FPostNames[ix], FPostValues[ix], 'UTF-8').ContentTransfer := '8bit' else mPartStream.AddFile(FPostNames[ix], FPostFiles[ix].PathName, FPostContentTypes[ix]); end; FPostFiles[ix].PathName is the Windows path of a file. Should I encode it on my side? Or do I have to set another parameter to ensure correct encoding? Christian
  6. Hi, I use ExtractHeaderFields() from Web.HttpApp when I parse a post upload. With the following value for "Content" (containing special german characters) this function fails: 'form-data; name="File1"; filename="Test1MitäÄ-Umlaut.pdf"' I get this error: System.SysUtils 33477 TEncoding.GetString System.NetEncoding 1007 TURLEncoding.Decode Web.HTTPApp 2108 ExtractHeaderFields Now I'm not sure if the input is wrong or if I have to use a different function to parse the content of this header (Content-Disposition:). Thanks for any help. Christian
  7. chkaufmann

    IDE Memory Usage

    I'm still working with Delphi 10.4.2 and I noticed, that there are two processes DelphiLSP.exe and both take a lot of memory. In addition there is bds.exe which isn't small either. Is this "by default" or can I change that with changing any of my options? Christian
  8. chkaufmann

    TPopupMenu with group headers

    Both "problems" are solved by setting Enabled=False for the group header item. Like this the color never changes and clicks on it are ignored. Christian
  9. chkaufmann

    TPopupMenu with group headers

    Thanks for all hints. I created a subclass of TMenuItem and did an override of the AdvancedDrawItem method. In addition I set Enabled=False. Themes are not support, but I don't have that anyway in my application. But so far it looks fine: procedure TMenuGroupItem.AdvancedDrawItem(ACanvas: TCanvas; ARect: TRect; State: TOwnerDrawState; TopLevel: Boolean); begin ACanvas.Brush.Color := TColors.Silver.Lighten(50); ACanvas.FillRect(ARect); ACanvas.Font.Color := TColors.SysWindowText; ACanvas.TextRect(ARect, ARect.Left + 3, ARect.Top + 3, StripHotkey(Caption)); end; Christian
  10. chkaufmann

    TPopupMenu with group headers

    Yes, this is what I need to do (grouping titles). Regards Christian
  11. chkaufmann

    TPopupMenu with group headers

    Ok I added a disabled item ("Bearbeiten") in this case, but it's still aligned with all other items. And setting the Break property just adds a vertical line on the left side: So what do I have to do to align the "Bearbeiten" Text at the left and to change the text color/background? Christian
  12. chkaufmann

    TPopupMenu with group headers

    Hi, I would like to add group headers in a TPopupmenu. So I can create things like this: Are there any properties I didn't find yet in the standard VCL? Or can I do that with some additional methods in a TPopupMenu subclass? Christian
  13. Hi, in my 10.4.2 installation, the font color for items in the "To-Do" list is just too light and I would like to change it to a gray with a bit more contrast. Is there a simple way to change that? Christian
  14. chkaufmann

    How to work with Spatial Database with Delphi

    It depends on what you plan to do. TatukGIS DK is a very good GIS library. We use it since 20 years. It offers a great map viewer component and the enterprise edition covers all common spatial formats. It's not expensive compared to ESRI products, but it's not cheap either. If you just have some spatial data in a PostgreSQL/PostGIS database you can build your own SQL statements quite easy. Geometries are represented as WKT which is quite straight forward to understand. But of course it means programming work on your side. Regards Christian
  15. chkaufmann

    Error with TClientDataSet

    I have an old project where I use TClientDataSet (unit DBClient.pas). When I recompile this one with Delphi 10.4.2 I get the following hint: Hint: H2161 Warning: Duplicate resource: Type 16 (VERSIONINFO), ID 1; File Pyramid.res resource kept; file C:\Program Files (x86)\Embarcadero\Studio\21.0\lib\Win32\release\DE\midas.res resource discarded. Is this a (new) problem in my code or is this an error in the Delphi library code? Regards Christian